Compliance - AWS Config


Indicates whether an AWS resource or AWS Config rule is compliant and provides the number of contributors that affect the compliance.



The number of AWS resources or AWS Config rules that cause a result of NON_COMPLIANT, up to a maximum number.

Type: ComplianceContributorCount object

Required: No


Indicates whether an AWS resource or AWS Config rule is compliant.

A resource is compliant if it complies with all of the AWS Config rules that evaluate it. A resource is noncompliant if it does not comply with one or more of these rules.

A rule is compliant if all of the resources that the rule evaluates comply with it. A rule is noncompliant if any of these resources do not comply.

AWS Config returns the INSUFFICIENT_DATA value when no evaluation results are available for the AWS resource or AWS Config rule.

For the Compliance data type, AWS Config supports only COMPLIANT, NON_COMPLIANT, and INSUFFICIENT_DATA values. AWS Config does not support the NOT_APPLICABLE value for the Compliance data type.

Type: String


Required: No

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