InvokeLambdaFunction - Amazon Connect


Invokes an AWS Lambda function with a collection of optional parameters. This AWS Lambda function is also given a copy of the flow run data if there is an associated contact with the flow.

Parameter object

{ "LambdaFunctionARN": The ARN of the AWS Lambda function to be invoked. May be defined statically or dynamically. "InvocationTimeLimitSeconds": The number of seconds to wait for a response from the AWS Lambda function. Must be greater than 0, no larger than 8, and an integer. Must be set statically. "LambdaInvocationAttributes" { A map of additional data to send to the AWS Lambda function when invoking it. Keys and values may be set statically or dynamically. } }

Results and conditions

None. Conditions are not supported. If an error does not occur, the response's attributes are available dynamically under the $.External path.


  • NoMatchingError - if no other Error matches.


None. This action is supported by all channels and in all types of flows.

Corresponding block in the UI

Invoke AWS Lambda function