UpdateCustomerProfile - Amazon Connect


Update a customer profile that was previously created or retrieved in the flow. Customer Profiles must be enabled for your Amazon Connect instance.

See UpdateProfile in the Amazon Connect Customer Profiles API Reference.

Parameter object

{ "ProfileRequestData": { All of these fields are optional. "FirstName", "LastName", "PhoneNumber", "EmailAddress", "AccountNumber", "Address1", "Address2", "Address3", "Address4", "City", "Country", "County", "PostalCode", "Province", "State" }, "ProfileResponseData": { All of these fields are optional. "FirstName", "LastName", "PhoneNumber", "EmailAddress", "AccountNumber", "Address1", "Address2", "Address3", "Address4", "City", "Country", "County", "PostalCode", "Province", "State" } }

Results and conditions

None. Conditions are not supported. If an error does not occur, the response's attributes are available dynamically under the $.Customer path based on the attributes included in ProfileResponseData.


  • NoMatchingError - if no other Error matches.

Corresponding block in the UI

Customer profiles block