Add notes to a block - Amazon Connect

Add notes to a block

To add notes to a block, on the toolbar choose Annotation. Or, with your cursor on the flow designer canvas, use the shortcut keys: Ctrl + Alt +N. A yellow box opens for you to type up to 1000 characters. This enables you to leave comments that others can view.

The following image shows the flow designer toolbar, the annotation box, and an annotation that is attached to a block.

                A block with annotations.

The following GIF shows how to move notes around the flow designer and attach them to a block.

                Notes on the flow designer.

The following image shows the dropdown menu that allows you to view a list of all the notes in a flow. Choose a note to navigate to it. Use the search box to search notes across the flow.

                The list note menu item.

Note the following functionality:

  • Unicode and emojis are supported.

  • You can copy and paste, undo, and redo into the note box.

  • You can search notes across the flow.

  • When a block is deleted, the notes are deleted. When a block is restored, the notes are restored.


Item Limit

Character limit

1000 characters per note

Attachment limit

5 notes per block

Note limit

100 notes per flow