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Using Amazon Connect with third-party cookies

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has announced plans to begin third-party cookie deprecation (3PCD) starting Q1 2024 as part of their Privacy Sandbox Initiative. Amazon Connect uses third-party cookies for authentication. Amazon Connect domains have been approved by Google to continue using third-party cookies until December 27th, 2024. We are proactively developing solutions to preserve authentication after 3PCD. You should plan to upgrade your Streams API and CTI Adapter later this year. Customers using Amazon Connect Agent Workspace or the Contact Control Panel (CCP) as a standalone application will not be affected.


Customers embedding their Single Sign-On (SSO) to Amazon Connect may be impacted by third-party cookie deprecation if their SAML Identity Provider (IdP) uses third-party cookies. Customers embedding SSO should contact their SAML IdP for mitigation instructions if necessary. To test if you are impacted, see Chrome's guidelines for testing third-party cookie breakage.