Enable agent event streams - Amazon Connect

Enable agent event streams

Agent event streams are not enabled by default. Before you can enable agent event streams in Amazon Connect, create a data stream in Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. Then, choose the Kinesis stream as the stream to use for agent event streams. Though you can use the same stream for both agent event streams and contact records, managing and getting data from the stream is much easier when you use a separate stream for each. For more information, see the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Developer Guide.

When data is sent to Kinesis, the partition key used is the agent ARN. All events for a single agent are sent to the same shard, and any resharding events in the stream are ignored.


If you enable server-side encryption for the Kinesis stream you select for agent event streams, Amazon Connect cannot publish to the stream. This is because it does not have permission to Kinesis kms:GenerateDataKey. To work around this, first enable encryption for scheduled reports or recordings of conversations. Next, create a AWS KMS key using KMS for encryption. Finally, choose the same KMS key for your Kinesis data stream that you use for encryption of scheduled reports or recordings of conversations so that Amazon Connect has appropriate permissions to encrypt data sent to Kinesis. For more information about creating a KMS key, see Creating Keys.

To enable agent event streams
  1. Open the Amazon Connect console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/connect/.

  2. On the console, choose the name in the Instance Alias column of the instance for which to enable agent event streams.

  3. Choose Data streaming, then select Enable data streaming.

  4. Under Agent Events, select the Kinesis stream to use, and then choose Save.