Deliver information to agents using Amazon Connect Wisdom - Amazon Connect

Deliver information to agents using Amazon Connect Wisdom

With Amazon Connect Wisdom, agents can search and find content across multiple repositories, such as frequently asked questions (FAQs), wikis, articles, and step-by-step instructions for handling different customer issues. They can type questions or phrases in a search box (such as, "how long after purchase can handbags be exchanged?") without having to guess which keywords will work.

If your organization uses real-time analytics from Contact Lens for Amazon Connect to automatically detect customer issues during calls, then Wisdom can proactively recommend information to help resolve the issue. For example, Contact Lens can detect phrases such as "product broke during shipping" and then display text snippets, FAQs, and instructions for exchanging damaged products.

Currently, Amazon Connect Wisdom can be used in compliance with GDPR and is pending additional certifications held by Amazon Connect.

The following image shows how an article may appear in the agent application when the agent is on a call.

  1. The agent is on a call.

  2. The Customer profile tab is available.

  3. The agent can have multiple articles open at the same time.

  4. The agent can search for articles.