Use an allowlist for integrated applications - Amazon Connect

Use an allowlist for integrated applications

All domains that embed the CCP for a particular instance must be explicitly allowed for cross-domain access to the instance. For example, to integrate with Salesforce, you must place your Salesforce Visualforce domain in an allowlist.

To allow a domain URL
  1. Open the Amazon Connect console at

  2. Choose the name of the instance from Instance Alias.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Approved origins.

  4. Choose Add origin.

  5. Type the URL and choose Add.


When Amazon Connect is embedded in another app, it's possible for users to get a Session expired error message when the close and then reopen Amazon Connect, and then log in.

If you see the Session expired message while logging in, you probably just need to refresh the session token. Go to your identity provider and log in. Refresh the Amazon Connect page. If you still get this message, contact your IT team.