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Use Amazon Lex and attributes

When you reference attributes in a Get customer input block, and choose Amazon Lex as the method of collecting the input, the attribute values are retrieved and stored from the output from the customer interaction with the Amazon Lex bot. You can use an attribute for each intent or slot used in the Amazon Lex bot, as well as the sessions attributes associated with the bot. An output branch is added to the block for each intent you include. When a customer chooses an intent when interacting with the bot, the branch associated with that intent is followed in the contact flow.

For a list of Amazon Lex attributes you can use, see Amazon Lex contact attributes.

Using an Amazon Lex bot to get customer input

  1. Open an existing or create a new contact flow.

  2. Under Interact, drag a Get customer input block to the designer.

  3. Choose the title of the block to display the block settings, then select Text to speech (Ad hoc).

  4. Choose Enter text, then enter text in the Enter text to be spoken field that is used as a message or greeting to your customers. For example, "Thank you for calling" followed by a request to enter information to fulfill the intents you defined in your Amazon Lex bot.

  5. Choose the Amazon Lex tab, then from the drop-down menu, choose the Amazon Lex bot to use to get customer input.

  6. By default, the Alias field is populated with $LATEST. To use a different alias of the bot, enter the alias value to use.


    In a production environment, always use a different alias than TestBotAlias for Amazon Lex and $LATEST for Amazon Lex classic. TestBotAlias and $LATEST support a limited number of concurrent calls to an Amazon Lex bot. For more information, see Runtime Service Quotas or Runtime Service Quotas (Amazon Lex Classic).

  7. Optionally, to pass an attribute to Amazon Lex to use as a session attribute, choose Add an attribute. Specify the value to pass using either text or an attribute.

  8. To create a branch from the block based on the customer intent, choose Add an intent, then enter the name of the intent exactly the same as the intent name in your bot.

  9. Choose Save.