How to use the CCP or agent workspace to change your audio device settings - Amazon Connect

How to use the CCP or agent workspace to change your audio device settings

When you're using the CCP or agent workspace, you can choose your preferred device for the audio, microphone, and ringer. This allows you to have audio notifications to ring from a desktop/laptop speaker instead of a headset, for example.

  • IT admins: Agents need Contact Control Panel (CCP) - Audio device settings permissions in their security profile to access this feature.

  • Developers: If you are embedding the CCP into a CRM or custom desktop, you can use either the Audio device settings security profile permission or Amazon Connect Streams to pass the enableAudioDeviceSettings parameter to enable audio device settings upon initialization. If either of those flags is true, the audio device settings user interface is displayed in Settings on the CCP.

    For granular permission, we recommend using the security profile permission. The Streams flag is supported for backward compatibility.

Change audio device settings in the CCP

  1. In the CCP or agent workspace, choose Settings. The Settings dialog box appears, similar to the following image.

                            The CCP, the settings icon in upper right corner, the settings
  2. Under Audio devices, use the dropdown to select your Speaker, Microphone, and Ringer.

Prerequisite: Allow your browser to access your microphone

Before you can change your audio device settings in the CCP, you need to make sure you've given your browser permission to access your microphone. This populates the device list in the CCP.

If you haven't done this yet, see the instructions for your browser.

Firefox limitations

If you use Firefox for your browser, you can change only your microphone setting using the CCP. You can't change speaker and ringer settings in CCP due to a limitation with this browser. With your operating system's sound device settings you can change your device for audio output, however, both speaker and ringer audio will come from the same device. We recommend using another supported browser for this feature.

What to check when your audio device isn't working as expected

Following are the top tips for resolving issues with audio devices.

  • Check that your headset is properly connected to your desktop.

  • Ensure that Windows exclusive mode is not enabled. For instructions, see How do I turn off Exclusive-Mode for a Windows audio playback device?

  • Ensure that the device is not muted or disabled in your operating system settings. Following are instructions for a Windows computer:

    1. Press Windows + I to open Settings.

    2. Click System, and then click Sound on the left navigation pane.

    3. Scroll down the page and click Microphone privacy settings.

    4. Under Allow apps to access your microphone, set the toggle to On.