Queues: Standard and Agent - Amazon Connect

Queues: Standard and Agent

There are two types of queues:

  • Standard queues: This is where contacts wait before they are routed to and accepted by agents.

  • Agent queues: These queues are created automatically when you add an agent to your contact center.

    Contacts are only routed to agent queues when explicitly sent there as part of a contact flow. For example, you might route contacts to a specific agent who's responsible for certain customer issues, such as billing or premium support. Or you might use agent queues to route to an agent's voice-mail.

Contacts waiting in agent queues are higher priority than contacts waiting in standard queues. Contacts in agent queues have the highest priority and zero delay:

  • Highest priority: If there's another contact in the basic queue, Amazon Connect chooses to give the agent the contact from the agent queue first.

  • Zero delay: If the agent is available, the contact immediately gets routed to them.

In a real-time metrics report, you can monitor how many contacts are in standard queues and agent queues. The following image shows a sample real-time metrics Queues report where an Agents table and Agents queues table have been added.

When an agent gets a contact from a standard queue, the contact never appears in the agent queue. It just goes directly to the agent.


The metrics APIs don't support agent queues.