Concepts - Amazon Connect


Amazon Connect enables you to create an omnichannel contact center: a contact center that provides a unified experience across multiple communication channels, such as voice and chat.

In Amazon Connect you build once and enable the experience for both voice and chat channels:

  • You use the same routing profiles, queues, contact flows, metrics, and reports for both channels.

  • Managers monitor both channels from one dashboard.

  • Agents handle all customers from just one interface. If a customer interaction starts with chat and moves to voice, the agent handling the voice call has the complete chat transcript so context is preserved.

You can create highly personalized experiences for your customers using omnichannel communications, and separate the channels where needed. For example, you can dynamically offer chat and/or voice contact based on such factors as customer preference, estimated wait times, and agent skill.

This section explains concepts that will help you set up your Amazon Connect contact center, whether you use one channel or two.