Create a dev (Sandbox) or test (QA) instance - Amazon Connect

Create a dev (Sandbox) or test (QA) instance

You might want to create multiple contact center instances, for example, one as a Sandbox for development, another for QA, and a third for Production.

Each instance functions only within the AWS Region in which you create it.


Most entities in Amazon Connect can be (re)created and replicated among instances using the Amazon Connect API. While doing that keep the following limitations in mind:

  • Service quotas are specific to each instance.

  • Some supporting services, such as User Directory, can be linked to only one Amazon Connect instance at a time.

  • Any additional external and Region-specific limitations.

For more information, see Can I migrate my Amazon Connect instance from a test environment to a production environment?

To create another instance

  1. In the AWS Management Console, choose Amazon Connect.

  2. Choose Add an instance.

  3. Complete the steps on the Amazon Connect resource configuration page. For instructions see Create an Amazon Connect instance.