Create dynamic text strings in Play prompt block - Amazon Connect

Create dynamic text strings in Play prompt block

Use a Play prompt block to use an audio file to play as a greeting or message to callers. You can also use contact attributes to specify the greeting or message delivered to callers. To use the values of a contact attribute to personalize a message for a customer, include references to stored or external contact attributes in the text-to-speech message.

For example, if you retrieved the customer’s name from a Lambda function, and it returns values from your customer database for FirstName and LastName, you could use these attributes to say the customer’s name in the text-to-speech block by including text similar to the following:

  • Hello $.External.FirstName $.External.LastName, thank you for calling.

Alternatively, you could store the attributes returned from the Lambda function using a Set contact attributes block, and then reference the user-defined attribute created in the text-to-speech string.

If you are referencing a user-defined attribute that was previously set as a contact attribute in the flow using the API, you can reference the attribute using the $.Attributes.nameOfAttribute syntax.

For example, if the contact in question has attributes "FirstName" and "LastName" set previously, reference them as follows:

  • Hello $.Attributes.FirstName $.Attributes.LastName, thank you for calling.