Create a new task - Amazon Connect

Create a new task

You can create a task any time, even when your status is Offline. And you can assign a task to anyone who has a quick connect, including yourself.

You can create a task, which starts the task immediately. Or you can schedule the task to start on a future date and time.

  1. Open the CCP. Select the Task tab, and then choose Create task.

    The CCP, the task button.
  2. Complete the Create task page. When you choose Assign to, you can assign a task only to someone or a queue that has quick connect.

    Choose Create.

    CCP only

    The following image shows the option to create a task in the CCP.

    The CCP, the create task page, the schedule date and time section, the create button.
  3. If you chose yourself, the task is routed to you. Choose Accept task.

    The CCP, an incoming take, the accept task button.

Create a scheduled task

You can schedule a task to start on a future date and time.

  1. Complete the steps to create a task. For example, add a Task name and Assign to a quick connect.

  2. In the Scheduled date / time section, choose a future date and time, and specify the timezone. You can schedule a task up to six days in future.

  3. If you want to clear all values in the Scheduled date / time section and start over, choose Clear scheduled date / time.

The create task page, the scheduled date and time section.