Access Customer Profiles in the agent application - Amazon Connect

Access Customer Profiles in the agent application

After you enable Amazon Connect Customer Profiles, agents can begin interacting with customers and access customer information to provide personalized service. This topic explains how to access the Connect Agent Application.


Make sure your agents have Customer profiles permissions in their security profile so they can access Customer Profiles. For more information, see Security profile permissions for Customer Profiles.

Option 1: Use Customer Profiles with the CCP out-of-the-box

Customer Profiles is already embedded alongside the Contact Control Panel (CCP). Your agents will access the CCP and Customer Profiles in the same browser window using a link that looks like this:

  • https://instance

If you access your instance using the domain, use the following URL:

  • https://instance

For help finding your instance name, see Find your Amazon Connect instance name.

Following is an example of what the CCP and Customer Profiles look like in the same browser window.

Option 2: Embed Customer Profiles into a custom agent application

When you embed your Contact Control Panel (CCP), you have the option of showing or hiding the pre-built CCP user interface. For example, you may want to develop a custom agent application that has a user interface you design, with customized buttons to accept and reject calls. Or, you may want to embed the pre-built CCP that's included with Amazon Connect into another custom app.

Regardless of whether you display the pre-built CCP user interface, or hide it and build your own, you use the Amazon Connect Streams library to embed the CCP and Customer Profiles into the agent's application. This way, Amazon Connect Streams is initialized, and the agent can connect and authenticate to Amazon Connect, and Customer Profiles.

For information about embedding Customer Profiles, see Initialization for CCP, Customer Profiles, and Wisdom.

To build your own widget while using raw data from Customer Profiles, see the Github documentation about how to use the CustomerProfilesJS open source library.


When you customize the agent's application, you determine the URL agents will use to access their agent application, and it might very different from the one provided by Amazon Connect. For example, your URL could be