Default customer queue: queue hold message and music - Amazon Connect

Default customer queue: queue hold message and music

This default flow is played when a customer is placed in a queue.

  1. The loop has a one-time voice prompt:

    Thank you for calling. Your call is very important to us and will be answered in the order it was received.

  2. It plays queue music in .wav format that's been uploaded to the Amazon Connect instance.

  3. The customer remains in this loop until their call is answered by an agent.

Change the default message a customer hears when they are put in queue

The following steps show how to change the default message customers hear when they are put in a queue to wait for the next available agent.

  1. On the navigation menu, choose Routing, Flows.

  2. Choose Default customer queue.

  3. To customize the message, choose the Loop prompts block to open the properties page.

  4. Use the dropdown box to either choose different music, or set to Text to Speech and then type a message to be played, as shown in the following image.

  5. Choose Save at the bottom of the properties page.

  6. Choose Publish. Amazon Connect starts playing the new message almost immediately (it may take a few moments for it to fully take effect).