Real-Time Schedule Adherence - Amazon Connect

Real-Time Schedule Adherence

Real-Time agent adherence is available in a table called Agent schedule adherence. You can select this table from both the real-time metrics landing page or within an existing report. This table has the same functionality as an existing agent's table with the following additions


The real-time adherence data may take up to 3 minutes to refresh, but it will capture the complete duration of adherence or non-adherence.

Real-Time agent adherence status

  • This will indicate whether an agent is adherent or non-adherent in near real-time. For a definition of schedule adherence, see Schedule Adherence.

Scheduled status

  • This will indicate whether an agent is scheduled to be in productive time or non-productive time. If an agent is not scheduled, it will show as blank.

Agent adherence duration

  • The amount of time an agent has currently been adherent or non-adherent. When an agent changes between non-adherent or adherent, this value will reset, as it represents the current amount of time.

Agent adherence percentage

  • The percentage of time an agent has been adherent to their schedule. For a definition of agent adherence percentage, see Historical Schedule Adherence.