Enable auto-accept call for agents - Amazon Connect

Enable auto-accept call for agents

When Auto-Accept Call is enabled for an available agent, the agent connects to contacts automatically.

How long until the call is connected to the agent?

Less than one second. When a call arrives to an available agent who has Auto-Accept Call enabled, the Contact Control Panel (CCP) briefly shows the options Accept or Reject. This is expected behavior. After less than a second, the call is automatically accepted and these options disappear.

There isn't an option for increasing the amount of time before a call is automatically accepted.

Auto-Accept Call doesn't work for callbacks.

Enable auto-accept call for existing agents

You can't enable Auto-Accept Call while editing multiple existing users in your Amazon Connect instance. You must edit existing users individually to enable it. However, you can configure the setting for multiple new users when you bulk upload new users with the CSV template.

To complete these steps, you must log in as a user who has the following permissions in their security profile: Edit, Create, Remove, Enable / Disable, and Edit permission.

  1. Log in to the Amazon Connect console with an Admin account, or an account assigned to a security profile that has permissions to create or edit users.

  2. On the left navigation menu, choose Users, User management.

  3. In the list of users, select an agent, and then choose Edit.

  4. On the Edit users page, under Phone Type, select the Auto-Accept Call check box.

  5. Choose Save.

  6. Repeat these steps for each user that you want to edit.

Bulk upload new users with auto-accept call enabled

You can't use the CSV template to edit information for existing users. If you include duplicate users with different information in the CSV template, you will receive an error.

  1. Log in to your Amazon Connect instance using your access URL (https://domain.awsapps.com/connect/login).

  2. On the left navigation menu, choose Users, User management.

  3. Choose Add new users.

  4. Under How do you want to set up your existing users?, next to Upload my users from a template (csv), choose template to download a pre-formatted CSV file.

  5. In the CSV file, configure the details for the new users who you want to add. For soft phone auto accept (yes/no), be sure to enter yes.

  6. After configuring the CSV file, in your Amazon Connect instance, choose Upload my users from a template (csv), and then choose Next.

  7. Under Select and upload a spreadsheet with user details, choose Choose file.

  8. Choose the configured CSV file from its location on your computer.

  9. In your Amazon Connect instance, choose Upload and verify.

  10. Under Verify user details, verify that the information is correct for the new users, and then choose Create users.

(Optional) Verify the change in CCP logs

To confirm that Auto-Accept Call is enabled for an agent, download the CCP logs generated for that agent: in the CCP for the agent, choose Settings, Download logs. The logs are saved to your browser's default download directory.

In the logs, the autoAccept attribute is set to "true" if this setting is enabled. The logs show something like this:

"type": "agent", "initial": false, "softphoneMediaInfo": { "callType": "audio_only", "autoAccept": true