Find the flow ID - Amazon Connect

Find the flow ID

The flow ID is the flow you want to use for inbound Apple Messages for Business messages. Flows define the experiences for your customer when they begin a new chat.

You can either reuse an existing flow that you’re already using for voice or chat contacts, or create a new one specifically for Apple Messages for Business contacts. For instructions about creating a new inbound flow, see Create an inbound flow.

For more information about flows, see Create Amazon Connect Flows.

To find your flow ID for Apple Messages for Business
  1. Log in to the Amazon Connect console with an Admin account, or an account assigned to a security profile that has permissions to view contact flows.

  2. On the navigation menu, choose Routing, Contact flows.

  3. Select the flow you want to use.


    Only choose flows that are type Flow (inbound). Apple Messages for Business doesn't work with other flow types, such as Customer queue, Customer hold, Customer whisper, etc.

  4. In the flow designer, expand Show additional flow information.

    A sample flow, the show additional flow information section.
  5. Under the ARN (Amazon Resource Number), copy everything after contact-flow/. For example, in the following image, you would copy the underlined part.

    The ARN.
    1. Notice the Type = Flow (Inbound).

    2. The flow ID is at the end of the ARN. Only copy this end part.