Get and store an agent's validated physical address - Amazon Connect

Get and store an agent's validated physical address

The first step in setting up E911 for your Amazon Connect instance is to get and store the agent's validated physical address. The following illustration shows the process for storing addresses.

                    Amazon Connect E911 address storage process.
  1. Since agents may be working from different locations (for example, office building, home, or coffee shop), it's critical that the most recently validated address is passed along with the emergency outbound call.

    1. Store a validated address when you first set up an agent on Amazon Connect, based on the agent's usual location.

    2. Prompt the agent to update their address at the start of their shift to help ensure that the emergency outbound call has their latest address.

    3. Check addresses against a database of valid street addresses (Master Street Address Guide).

  2. Use the Amazon Chime API ValidateE911Address. This API validates and returns the validated physical address.

  3. Use the CreateProfile or UpdateProfile APIs to store the validated address in Amazon Connect Customer Profiles.


    We recommend using CreateProfile when it is required to add a validated address the first time. After that, use UpdateProfile.