Flow block: Hold customer or agent - Amazon Connect

Flow block: Hold customer or agent


  • Places a customer or agent on or off hold. This is useful when, for example, you want to put the agent on hold while the customer enters their credit card information.

  • If this block is triggered during a chat conversation, the contact is routed down the Error branch.

Supported channels

The following table lists how this block routes a contact who is using the specified channel.

Channel Supported?




No - Error branch


No - Error branch

Flow types

You can use this block in the following contact flow types:

  • Inbound flow

  • Outbound Whisper flow

  • Transfer to Agent flow

  • Transfer to Queue flow


The following settings are available:

  • Agent on hold = customer is on the call

  • Conference all = agent and customer are on the call

  • Customer on hold = agent is on the call

Configured block

When this block is configured, it looks similar to the following image:

Samples flows

Sample secure input with agent