CreateCustomerProfile - Amazon Connect


Create a customer profile.Customer Profiles must be enabled for your Amazon Connect instance.

See CreateProfile in the Amazon Connect Customer Profiles API Reference.

Parameter object

{ "ProfileRequestData": { All of these fields are optional. "FirstName", "LastName", "PhoneNumber", "EmailAddress", "AccountNumber", "Address1", "Address2", "Address3", "Address4", "City", "Country", "County", "PostalCode", "Province", "State" }, "ProfileResponseData": { All of these fields are optional. Newly created profile ID is persisted under the Customer -> ProfileID attribute + $.Customer.ProfileId "FirstName", "LastName", "PhoneNumber", "EmailAddress", "AccountNumber", "Address1", "Address2", "Address3", "Address4", "City", "Country", "County", "PostalCode", "Province", "State" } }

Results and conditions

None. Conditions are not supported. If an error does not occur, the response's attributes are available dynamically under the $.Customer path based on the attributes included in ProfileResponseData.


  • NoMatchingError - if no other Error matches.

Corresponding block in the UI

Customer profiles