Mapping Segment objects to the standard profile object - Amazon Connect

Mapping Segment objects to the standard profile object

This topic lists which fields in Segment objects map to fields in the standard profile object in Amazon Connect Customer Profiles.

Segment-Identify object

Following is a list of all the fields in a Segment-Identify object.

  • userId

  • common fields - see Spec: Common Fields in the Segment documentation

  • Segment reserved traits - see Traits in the Segment documentation

  • traits.address.street


  • traits.address.state

  • traits.address.postalCode


  • traits.age

  • traits.avatar

  • traits.birthday






  • traits.createdAt

  • traits.description


  • traits.firstName

  • traits.gender


  • traits.lastName



  • traits.title

  • traits.username


Mapping a Segment-Identify to a standard profile object

A subset of the fields in the Segment-Identify object map to the standard profile object in Customer Profiles.

The following table lists which fields can be mapped from the Segment-Identify object to the standard profile.

Segment-Identify source field Standard profile target field
userId Attributes.SegmentUserId BusinessName
traits.firstName FirstName
traits.lastName LastName
traits.birthday BirthDate
traits.gender Gender PhoneNumber EmailAddress
traits.address.street Address.Address1 Address.City
traits.address.state Address.State Address.Country
traits.address.postalCode Address.PostalCode


The following example shows how to map a source field to a target field.

"segmentUserId": { "Source": "_source.detail.event.detail.userId", "Target": "_profile.Attributes.SegmentUserId" }

The Segment-Identify customer data from the Segment object is associated with an Amazon Connect customer profile using the following index.

Standard Index Name Segment-Identify source field



For example, you can use _segmentUserId as a key name with the SearchProfiles API to find an Amazon Connect customer profile. You can find the Segment-Identify objects associated with a specific profile by using the ListProfileObjects API with the ProfileId and ObjectTypeName set to Segment-Identify.