Mapping Zendesk objects to the standard profile - Amazon Connect

Mapping Zendesk objects to the standard profile

This topic lists which fields in Zendesk objects map to fields in the standard profile in Customer Profiles.

Zendesk-users object

Following is a list of all the fields in a Zendesk-users object.

  • id

  • url

  • external_id

  • email

  • active

  • chat_only

  • customer_role_id

  • role_type

  • details

  • last_login_at

  • locale

  • locale_id

  • moderator

  • notes

  • only_private_comments

  • default_group_id

  • phone

  • shared_phone_number

  • photo

  • restricted_agent

  • role

  • shared

  • tags

  • signature

  • suspended

  • ticket_restriction

  • time_zone

  • two_factor_auth_enabled

  • user_fields

  • verified

  • report_csv

  • created_at

  • updated_at

Mapping Zendesk users to a standard profile

A subset of the fields in the Zendesk-users object map to the standard profile in Customer Profiles. The following table lists which fields can be mapped from the Zendesk-users object to the standard profile.

Zendesk-users source field Standard profile target field









The Zendesk-users customer data from the Zendesk object is associated with a Amazon Connect customer profile using the following indexes.

Standard Index Name Zendesk-user source field





For example, you can use _zendeskUserId and _zendeskExternalId as a key name with the SearchProfiles API to find an Amazon Connect customer profile. You can find the Zendesk-users objects associated with a specific customer profile by using the ListProfileObjects API with the ProfileId and ObjectTypeName set to Zendesk-users.