No-code UI builder - Amazon Connect

No-code UI builder

You can create the view resources used in step-by-step guides by using Amazon Connect's no-code UI builder. With this feature, you are able to drag and drop UI components onto a canvas, arrange your layout, and edit the properties of each component. UI components are available on the left hand side of the screen and are grouped inside collapsible containers. The center of the screen is the canvas that shows you what your view resource looks like. The right hand side of the screen is where the properties are located.

Step-by-step no-code UI builder user interface.

Accessing the no-code UI builder

To access the no-code UI builder, you can ensure that your Amazon Connect user has access to Views permissions under the Channels and flows security profile permissions. After the permissions are granted, the user will be able to see the no-code UI builder in the Amazon Connect admin website under Routing, Flows, Views. For more information on enabling View permissions, see Enable step-by-step guides.

Accessing the no-code UI builder.