Port phone numbers away from Amazon Connect - Amazon Connect

Port phone numbers away from Amazon Connect

  1. Create an AWS Support case:

    1. Choose Looking for service limit increases?

    2. On the Create case page, choose Service limit increase. In Limit type select Amazon Connect.

    3. In Contact Center Instance ARN, provide the Amazon Resource Name for your instance. The request cannot be processed without this information. For help, see Find your Amazon Connect instance ID/ARN.

    4. In Region, select the AWS Region for your instance.

    5. In Use case description, provide the following information:

      1. Let us know you're porting away.

      2. The name of your Amazon Connect instance and the numbers you are porting away.

      3. The name of your new carrier.

  2. In Contact options, choose how AWS Support should contact you.

  3. Choose Submit.

Here's what happens next:

  1. AWS Support contacts you, indicating that you should begin the process with the winning carrier.

  2. The winning carrier will request that you provide them with following information:

    • Proof of ownership of the numbers you want to port away. Provide them with screenshots of the Amazon Connect instance with the phone numbers you want to port away, and screenshots of your AWS bill.

    • Usually the winning carrier will require a LOA (Letter of Authorization) that you need to complete. It's important that you provide the correct contact details from your AWS bill.

  3. The winning carrier will send the request to AWS Support.

  4. AWS Support will verify that the request from the winning carrier matches the information we have about who owns those numbers. If all details match exactly, we will approve the request.


    Verifying the authenticity of the winning carrier's port-out request is critical for the security of your phone number. If the contact details are not correct (for example, there's a name mismatch), your port-out request may be rejected, causing delays and requiring you to resubmit your request.

  5. The winning carrier will complete the port-out request on the date and time that you establish with them. Work with the winning carrier to complete the remainder of the port-out process to ensure a seamless transition.