Publish reports - Amazon Connect

Publish reports

After you create and save a custom report with the metrics you're interested in, you can publish it so everyone in your organization with the appropriate permissions can access the report.

After a report is published, people will be able to see the report in their list of Saved reports.


We recommend establishing a naming convention for reports in your organization. When reports are published, this will help everyone identify who the owner is. For example, use the team name or owner alias as the report suffix: Agent Performance - team name.

Only people who have permissions in their security profile to Create saved reports will be able to change the published report and save their changes to the published version.

To publish a report

  1. On the real-time metrics, historical metrics, login/logout report, or Saved reports page, choose Share report.

  2. Toggle Publish report to On, and then choose Save.

    The report appears in the list of Saved reports for everyone who has appropriate permissions in their security profile.

  3. To unpublish the report, move the toggle to Off.

    The report is removed from everyone's list of Saved reports.

View published reports

To view published reports, at minimum you need the following permissions in your security profile:

  • Access metrics, if the report is a real-time or historical metrics report

  • View Login/Logout report, if the report is a login/logout report

  • View Saved reports

To view published reports

  • Go to Analytics and optimization, Saved reports.

    Published reports appear in your list automatically.