Release ported numbers that you no longer need - Amazon Connect

Release ported numbers that you no longer need

You do not have to keep phone numbers assigned to your Amazon Connect instance.

When a phone number is released from your Amazon Connect instance:

  • You will no longer be charged for it.

  • You cannot reclaim the phone number.

  • Amazon Connect reserves the right to allow it to be claimed by another customer.

To release a phone number
  1. Log in to your contact center at https://instance To find the name of your instance, see Find your Amazon Connect instance ID/ARN.

  2. On the navigation menu, choose Channels, Phone numbers.

  3. Choose the phone number you want to release, and then choose Release.

If the phone number is associated with a flow, that flow will be deactivated until another number is associated with it.

When customers call the phone number you have released, they will get a message that it is not a working phone number.