About contact attributes in a rule - Amazon Connect

About contact attributes in a rule

You can have up to 5 contact attributes in a rule.

You can design contact flows to use the contact attributes you specify in a rule, and then route the task accordingly. For example, a call arrives in your contact center. When Contact Lens analyzes the call, it gets a hit on the Compliance rule. The contact record that's created for the call includes information similar to the following image:

The Rules engine generates a task. The contact record for the task inherits contact attributes from the voice contact record, as illustrated in the following image:

The voice contact record appears as the Previous contact ID.

The contact flow that you specify in the rule should be designed to use the contact attributes and route the task to the appropriate owner. For example, you may want to route tasks where CustomerType = VIP to a specific agent.

For more information, see Use Amazon Connect contact attributes.