Request international numbers, special numbers, or termination points - Amazon Connect

Request international numbers, special numbers, or termination points


To purchase and own a phone number, country regulations often require:

  • A local office address

  • Specific identification documents

For identification requirements by country, see Region requirements for phone numbers.

It can take 2-6 weeks for us to fulfill your request.

To request international phone numbers, special numbers, or termination points, create a support case.

  1. Go to Create case.

  2. Choose Service limit increase.

  3. In Limit type select Amazon Connect.

  4. In Use case description, enter the number you want to request.

  5. In Contact options, choose whether we should contact you by email or phone.

  6. Choose Submit.

We'll contact you to help with your request.

Requirements for Custom Termination Points

In the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region, you can request Custom Termination Points.

The term "Custom Termination Points" means custom Tier 1 telephony destinations for customer calls to Amazon Connect configured as local phone numbers. In using Custom Termination Points, you understand and agree that you:

  1. Have a current toll-free national service that allows you to set Custom Termination Points as a destination for customer phone calls.

  2. Cannot port or move Custom Termination Points to a different telephony provider once assigned by Amazon Connect.

  3. Will be billed at the standard daily rate for claimed Australian phone numbers and DID inbound usage fees.

  4. You are responsible for adding the Custom Termination Points in your existing toll-free national service.