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Standard order definition

The following table lists all the fields in the Customer Profiles standard order object.

Standard order field Data type Description
OrderId String The unique identifier of a standard order.
CustomerEmail String The customer's email address.
CustomerPhone String The customer's phone number.
CreatedDate String The order's date created.
UpdatedDate String The order's date updated.
ProcessedDate String The order's date processed.
ClosedDate String The order's date closed.
CancelledDate String The order's date cancelled.
CancelReason String The order's cancel reason.
Name String The order's name.
AdditionalInformation String Any additional information relevant to the order.
Gateway String The order's payment gateway.
Status String The order's status.
StatusCode String The order's status code. Valid values: DRAFT | ACTIVATED
StatusUrl String The order's status URL.
CreditCardNumber String The customer's credit card last four digits.
CreditCardCompany String The customer's credit card company.
FulfillmentStatus String The order's fulfillment status.
TotalPrice String The order's total price.
TotalTax String The order's total tax.
TotalDiscounts String The order's total discounts.
TotalItemsPrice String The order's total items price.
TotalShippingPrice String The order's total shipping price.
TotalTipReceived String The order's total tip received.
Currency String The order's currency.
TotalWeight String The order's total weight.
BillingAddress OrderAddress The customer's billing address.
ShippingAddress OrderAddress The customer's shipping address.
OrderItems OrderItem list The order's items.
Attributes String-to-string map Key-value pair of attributes of a standard order.

OrderAddress data type

Standard order field Data type Description
Name String The name associated with an order address.
Address1 String The first line of an order address.
Address2 String The second line of an order address.
Address3 String The third line of an order address.
Address4 String The fourth line of an order address.
City String The city of an order address.
County String The county of an order address.
State String The state of an order address.
Province String The province of an order address.
Country String The country of an order address.
PostalCode String The postal code of an order address.

OrderItem data type

Standard order field Data type Description
Title String The title of an order item.
Price String The price of an order item.
Quantity String The quantity of an order item.