SSML tags supported by Amazon Connect - Amazon Connect

SSML tags supported by Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect supports the following SSML tags.


If you use an unsupported tag in your input text, it's automatically ignored when it's processed.

Tag Use to...


All SSML-enhanced text must be enclosed within a pair of speak tags.


Add a pause to your text. The maximum duration for a pause is 10 seconds.


Specify another language for specific words.


Put a custom tag within the text.


Add a pause between paragraphs in your text.


Make a phonetic pronunciation for specific text.


Control the volume, rate, or pitch of your selected voice.


Add a pause between lines or sentences in your text.


Combine with the interpret-as attribute to tell Amazon Polly how to say certain characters, words, and numbers.


Combine with the alias attribute to substitute a different word (or pronunciation) for selected text such as an acronym or abbreviation.


Customize the pronunciation of words by specifying the word’s part of speech or alternate meaning.

amazon:effect name="whispered"

Indicate that the input text should be spoken in a whispered voice rather than as normal speech.

If you use an unsupported tag in your input text it is automatically ignored when it is processed.

To learn more about the SSML tags, see Supported SSML Tags in the Amazon Polly Developer Guide.

Neural and Conversational Speaking Styles

For the Joanna and Matthew neural voices, in American English (en-US), you can also specify a Conversational speaking style or a Newscaster speaking style.