Troubleshooting issues with your chat widget - Amazon Connect

Troubleshooting issues with your chat widget

If you see the following Something went wrong error message when loading your chat widget, open the browser tools to view the error logs.

Following are common issues that cause this error.

400 Invalid request

If the logs mention a 400 invalid request, there are a few possible causes:

  • Your chat widget is not being served on an allowed domain. You must specifically state the domains where you will host your widget.

  • The request to the endpoint is not properly formatted. This usually occurs only if the contents of the embed snippet have been modified.

401 Unauthorized

If the logs mention a 401 unauthorized, this is a problem with the JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication. If you opt your chat widget into JWT authentication, you must implement the callback function in the embedded snippet, as shown in the following example.

amazon_connect('authenticate', function(callback) { window.fetch('/token').then(res => { res.json().then(data => { callback(; }); }); });

If you have implemented the callback already, the following scenarios may still cause a 401:

  • Invalid signature

  • Expired token

404 Not found

A 404 status code indicates that your widgetId cannot be found. Verify that your snippet is exactly how it was copied from the Amazon Connect website, and none of the identifiers have changed.

If the identifiers have not changed and you are seeing a 404, contact AWS Support.

500 Internal server error

This can be caused by your service-linked role not having the required permissions to start chat. This happens if your Amazon Connect instance was created before October 2018 because you don’t have service-linked roles set up.

Solution: Add the connect:* policy on the role that is associated with your Amazon Connect instance. For more information, see Use service-linked roles for Amazon Connect.

If your service-linked role has the correct permissions, contact AWS Support.