Step 2: Use the CCP to handle a chat contact - Amazon Connect

Step 2: Use the CCP to handle a chat contact

In Step 1, you used the Contact Control Panel (CCP) to manage a voice contact. In this step, you experience how to use the CCP to manage a chat contact.

  1. This procedure assumes you've completed Step 1: Handle a voice contact. If you haven't, please do so now.

  2. On the Test chat page, choose the chat bubble to start a chat.

                            The test chat page, the chat bubble.
  3. The Sample inbound flow automatically transfers to you a queue. However, you can type a message as the customer and the agent receives it. For example, I need help resetting my password.

                            A chat conversation in the CCP, showing messages from the flow,
                                and customer.
  4. In the CCP, accept the incoming chat.

                            The CCP, an incoming chat, the button to accept the
  5. Use the CCP to send chat messages to the customer.

  6. When you're done chatting, choose End chat. Then in the CCP, choose Close contact.

Congratulations! You've experienced what it's like to chat using Amazon Connect.

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