Step 6: Test a custom voice and chat experience - Amazon Connect

Step 6: Test a custom voice and chat experience

You're ready to try out the Amazon Lex bot, routing, and contact flow. The first step is to tell Amazon Connect which contact flow you want to test.

  1. On the navigation menu, go to the Dashboard and choose Test chat.

  2. Choose Test Settings.

  3. Use the drop-down box to choose the contact flow you created, for example, Test contact flow. Choose Apply.

Test a custom chat experience

  1. If needed, choose the chat bubble to start a chat.

  2. Amazon Connect automatically detects a contact and runs the contact flow that you created.

  3. Enter that you need help resetting a password. Then accept the incoming chat. The following image shows you what the chat and agent interfaces look like when you're trying them.

  4. In the customer pane on the right, choose End chat to close the chat window.

  5. In the test CCP, choose Close contact to end the After Contact Work (ACW).

Test a custom voice experience

  1. If the test chat window is still open, choose End chat to close it. Then you can try the voice experience.

  2. Call your phone number.

  3. When prompted, say I'm having trouble accessing the internet. You should hear the message that you're being transferred to the NetworkIssue queue.


    After you're transferred, you'll hear this message:

    Thank you for calling. Your call is very important to us and will be answered in the order it was received.

    This message is generated by a default contact flow named Default customer queue.

  4. Go to the test CCP and accept the incoming call.

  5. After you accept the call, but before you're connected to the customer, you'll hear an inbound whisper stating what queue the contact is in, for example, NetworkIssue. This helps you know what the customer is calling about.

    The inbound whisper is generated by a default contact flow named Default agent whisper.

  6. When done, end the call.

  7. In the CCP, choose Clear contact to end After Contact Work (ACW).

Congratulations! You built and tested an omnichannel IT Help Desk that leverages Amazon Lex and offers customers both chat and voice.


If you don't want to keep the phone number that you claimed for testing, you can release it back to inventory. For instructions, see Release a phone number.