Use contact attributes in the CCP - Amazon Connect

Use contact attributes in the CCP

Contact attributes also let you capture information and then present that information in a screenpop to an agent in the Contact Control Panel (CCP). Use contact attributes to customize the agent experience when using the CCP integrated with a customer relationship management (CRM) application. Also use them when integrating Amazon Connect with a custom application using the Amazon Connect Streams API or Amazon Connect API. You can use all user-defined attributes, in addition to the customer number and the dialed number, in the CCP using the Amazon Connect Streams JavaScript library. For more information, see Amazon Connect Streams API or Amazon Connect API.

When you use the Amazon Connect Streams API, you can access user-defined attributes by invoking contact.getAttributes(). You can access endpoints via contact.getConnections(), where a connection has a getEndpoint() invocation on it.

To access the attribute directly from a Lambda function, use $.External.AttributeName. If the attribute is stored to a user-defined attribute from a Set contact attributes block, use $.Attributes.AttributeName.

For example, included with your Amazon Connect instance, there is a contact flow named “Sample note for screenpop.” In this contact flow, a Set contact attributes block is used to create an attribute from a text string. The text, as an attribute, can be passed to the CCP to display a note to an agent.