View a shared report - Amazon Connect

View a shared report

To view a report that someone has shared with you, you need the following:

  • A link to the report.

  • Permissions in your security profile:

    • Access metrics, if the report is a real-time or historical metrics report

    • View Login/Logout report, if the report is a login/logout report

    • View Saved reports

Tips for viewing a shared report

  • Every time you want to view the shared report, you need to access it through the link that was shared with you.

  • If you get a 505 error when you choose the link that was shared with you, it means you don't have permissions to view the report.

  • There's no way to save the exact same report to your list of Saved reports. You can give the report a new name and save it to your list, but then it's a different report from the one that was shared with you. If the owner of original report makes changes, you won't see them in your renamed report.