Voice ID and Amazon Connect Integration Association APIs - Amazon Connect

Voice ID and Amazon Connect Integration Association APIs

You can use the following APIs to manage associations with Amazon Connect instances. You can perform these operations on the AWS Console as well.

  1. CreateIntegrationAssociation: To enable Voice ID on an Amazon Connect instance, you will need to associate a Voice ID domain with a Amazon Connect instance using a CreateIntegrationAssociation request. You can only associate one Voice ID domain to an Amazon Connect instance. If the instance is already associated with a domain, the API returns the following error:

    DuplicateResourceException (409) - Request is trying to created a duplicate resource.

  2. DeleteIntegrationAssociation: To delete an existing association between an Amazon Connect instance and a Voice ID domain, you will need to call the DeleteIntegrationAssociation APIs along with the Amazon Connect InstanceID and the IntegrationAssociationID returned by CreateIntegrationAssociation. This is a required step if you want to associate a different Voice ID domain to this Amazon Connect instance. We do not recommend deleting associations in a production setup as it can cause unpredictable behavior for Voice ID in your Amazon Connect instance.

  3. ListIntegrationAssociations: To list all the associations between Amazon Connect instance and Voice ID domains for your account in this Region, you can invoke ListIntegrationAssociations API.