Getting Started with Amazon Corretto 17 on Docker Images - Amazon Corretto 17

Getting Started with Amazon Corretto 17 on Docker Images

This topic describes how to build and launch a Docker image that uses Amazon Corretto 17. You must have the latest version of Docker installed.

Using the official image for Amazon Corretto 17.

Amazon Corretto 17 is available as an official image on Docker Hub. The following example runs a container and displays Corretto 17's version.

docker run amazoncorretto:17 java -version


openjdk version "17.0.0" 2021-09-14 LTS OpenJDK Runtime Environment Corretto-17;. (build 17;+35-LTS) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM Corretto-17;. (build 17;+35-LTS, mixed mode, sharing)

Using the Corretto ECR Instance

To use the Corretto ECR instance, first authenticate the docker client to the Corretto registry ( registry id : 489478819445) with the help of the instructions in this page. Once you have logged in, Corretto 17 images can be pulled or run using one of the following commands:

docker pull docker run -it /bin/bash

You can see the list of available images by going here:

Amazon Corretto on Alpine

Amazon Corretto on Alpine Linux images are available on Dockerhub

Using dockerhub

docker pull amazoncorretto:17-alpine-jdk docker run -it amazoncorretto:17-alpine-jdk /bin/sh

Build a Docker Image with Amazon Corretto 17

Run the following command to build an image that uses Amazon Corretto 17.

docker build -t amazon-corretto-17

After the command completes, you have an image called amazon-corretto-17.

To launch this image locally, run the following command.

docker run -it amazon-corretto-17

You can also push this image to . See the Pushing an Image topic in the for details.

Create an Image

You can create a new Docker image using Corretto's official Docker Hub image.

  1. Create a Dockerfile with the following content.

    FROM amazoncorretto:17 RUN echo $' \ public class Hello { \ public static void main(String[] args) { \ System.out.println("Welcome to Amazon Corretto!"); \ } \ }' > RUN javac CMD ["java", "Hello"]
  2. Build the new image.

    docker build -t hello-app .
  3. Run the new image.

    docker run hello-app

    You get the following output.

    Welcome to Amazon Corretto 17!