Quotas and restrictions - AWS Cost Management

Quotas and restrictions

The following table describes the current quotas, restrictions, and naming constraints within AWS Cost Management features.

For a list of quotas and restrictions for features in the AWS Billing console, see Quotas and restrictions in the AWS Billing User Guide.


Number of free budgets with actions per account


Number of actions per budget


Number of budget actions per account


Total number of budgets per management account


Characters allowed in a budget name

  • 0-9

  • A-Z and a-z

  • Space

  • The following symbols: _.:/=+-%@

Budget reports

Maximum number of budget reports


Maximum number of budgets per budget report


Maximum email recipients in a budget report


Cost Explorer

Maximum number of reports that you can save per account


Maximum number of filters in the GetCostAndUsage operation (API)


AWS Cost Anomaly Detection

Maximum number of anomaly monitors you can create for an AWS services monitor type

1 monitor per account

Maximum number of anomaly monitors you can create for other monitor types (linked account, cost category, cost allocation tag) 500 total monitors per management account
Maximum number of anomaly alert subscriptions you can create 100 subscriptions per account
Unsupported services
  • AWS Marketplace

  • AWS Support

  • WorkSpaces

  • Cost Explorer

  • Budgets

  • AWS Shield

  • Amazon RouteĀ 53

  • AWS Certificate Manager

  • Upfront and recurring reserved fee and Savings Plan fees

Savings Plans

Maximum number of daily refresh requests for Savings Plans recommendations per consolidated billing family


Maximum number of purchased Savings Plans you can return per calendar year, as long as within seven days of purchase in the same calender month

10 per management account


The management account used when returning the Savings Plan must be the same as the management account that was used to purchase the plan.