Using Cost and Usage Reports for AWS Organizations - AWS Data Exports

Using Cost and Usage Reports for AWS Organizations

In AWS Organizations, both management accounts and member accounts can create Cost and Usage Reports. The IAM policies that allow or restrict the ability to create a report are the same for both types of accounts.


The account that creates the Cost and Usage Report must also own the Amazon S3 bucket that AWS sends the reports to. Avoid configuring a Cost and Usage Report with a bucket owned by another account. For more information the Amazon S3 bucket setup requirements, see Setting up an Amazon S3 bucket for Cost and Usage Reports.

Managing Cost and Usage Reports as a member account

If you have permissions to create a Cost and Usage Report for a member account within an organization, you can create a report for only the member account’s cost and usage data. The member account receives reports for its cost and usage during the time that the account has been a member of its current organization.

For example, say a member account leaves organization A and joins organization B on the 15th of the month. Then, the member account creates a report. Because the member account created a report after joining organization B, the member account’s report for the month includes billing data for only the time that the account has been a member of organization B.

After a member account joins a new organization, the member account's cost and usage are recorded in the new organization’s reports. This is the same outcome for a management account that converts to a member account and joins a new organization.

When a member account leaves an organization or converts into a standalone account, the member account can still access the previous reports as long as they have permissions to the Amazon S3 bucket where the previous reports are stored.

Managing Cost and Usage Reports as a management account

If you’re an administrator of an AWS Organizations management account and you don’t want member accounts to create a report, you can apply a service control policy (SCP) that prevents member accounts from creating reports. The SCP can prevent member accounts from creating new reports, but it doesn’t delete reports created previously.


SCPs apply only to member accounts. To prevent a management account from creating a report, modify the IAM policies attached to the user roles in the management account.

For more information on consolidated billing, see Consolidated billing for AWS Organizations in the AWS Billing User Guide.