Creating a cost and usage dashboard - AWS Data Exports

Creating a cost and usage dashboard

You can visualize your billing and cost management data by deploying a pre-built Cost and Usage Dashboard powered by Amazon QuickSight.

To create a cost and usage dashboard
  1. Sign in to the AWS Billing and Cost Management console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Data Exports.

  3. On the Data Exports page, choose either Create or the Cost and usage dashboard tile.

  4. On the Create page, under Export type, choose Cost and usage dashboard powered by QuickSight.

  5. For Export name, enter a name for your dashboard.

    Export names can have up to 128 characters and must be unique. Valid characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, - (hyphen), and _ (underscore).

  6. For QuickSight dashboard settings your QuickSight account details such as account name, account ID, account edition, and authentication method are automatically populated.

    1. If the QuickSight account details don't populate automatically, choose Create account to sign up if you're new to QuickSight, or log in to your QuickSight account if you're an existing QuickSight customer.

    2. Once you successfully create or log in to your QuickSight account, you'll see a success message. Close the window and return to Data Exports.

    3. Under QuickSight dashboard settings, choose Refresh.


    This feature requires Enterprise Edition.

  7. For QuickSight namespace, enter your namespace.

  8. For QuickSight username, enter the details for the user who has permissions to access the QuickSight dashboard.

  9. For QuickSight region, choose the AWS Region where you want to create the QuickSight dashboard.

  10. The Data table content settings and Data table delivery options are preset and can't be edited.

  11. Under Data export storage settings, for S3 bucket name, choose Configure.

  12. In the Configure S3 bucket dialog box, do one of the following:

    • Select existing bucket.

    • Choose Create a bucket, enter an S3 bucket name, and then choose the Region where you want to create a new bucket.

  13. Review the Bucket policy, and then choose Create bucket.

  14. For S3 path prefix, enter the S3 path prefix that you want prepended to the name of your export.

  15. Under Service access, choose a method to authorize QuickSight:

    • Create a new service role (default)

    • Use an existing service role

  16. Under Tags, you can choose to add up to 50 tags in order to search and filter your resources or track your AWS costs.


    Adding tags is optional.

  17. Choose Create.

You can always return to the Data Exports page of the AWS Billing and Cost Management console to see when your Cost and Usage Dashboard was last updated.