Create Bring Your Own Subscription offers - AWS Data Exchange User Guide

Create Bring Your Own Subscription offers

As a data provider, you might already have subscribers for your data products. Bring Your Own Subscription (BYOS) offers allow you to migrate and fulfill existing subscriptions with AWS customers at no additional cost.

With BYOS offers, any billing relationship between you and your subscribers continue. BYOS offers are not subject to fulfillment fees. Subscribers receive an AWS Marketplace invoice for the subscription with no charge. After you create a BYOS offer, we review it and contact you if we have any issues or questions.

Because the lifecycle of the subscription begins outside of AWS Data Exchange, the workflow for migrating existing subscription to AWS Data Exchange using BYOS requires collaboration between you and the subscriber.


With BYOS offers, you're migrating a subscription that predates the availability of this product on AWS. AWS might verify your BYOS offer with the existing subscription agreement. If AWS cannot verify your BYOS offer, the offer and entitlements might be revoked without notice.

Before creating or accepting a BYOS offer on AWS Data Exchange, the provider and subscriber should perform the following steps together:


  1. The provider and the subscriber contact each other about implementing a BYOS AWS Data Exchange solution.

  2. The subscriber provides the AWS account ID that they want to use to subscribe to data products on AWS Data Exchange.

If you are the provider, follow these steps to create the BYOS offer.

To create a BYOS offer

  1. Open your web browser and go to the AWS Data Exchange console. Sign in and choose the product for the BYOS offer.

  2. Choose BYOS offers to open the wizard.

  3. Complete the fields in the wizard, including the AWS account ID for the subscriber and the auto-renewal settings, and upload the existing data subscription agreement (DSA) or contract you have with the subscriber.

  4. Review the offer and acknowledgement before you accept it.

  5. Choose Publish to create the BYOS offer.

  6. Contact the subscriber and tell them the offer is ready in the AWS Data Exchange console. For publicly available products, they need the name of the product to search for the offer. For private products, they can find the offer in their My product offers tab.


Auto-renewal settings cannot be changed after the BYOS offer is created.