Create private offers - AWS Data Exchange User Guide

Create private offers

As a data provider, you can provide your data product to a subscriber at terms that are different from the offer terms available to the general public. For products that are not publicly visible, your private offers are the only terms available to customers, and only customers you create private offers for can see the product. Private offers allow you to create a custom offer for one or more AWS accounts. A private offer can be different from other offers in any dimension, including price, duration, data subscription agreement, or refund policy.

As a provider, after you have created a product, you can then create a private offer and make it available to a group of subscribers of your choosing. For publicly visible products, you must create a public offer before you can create a private offer.

To create a private offer

  1. From the left navigation pane of the console, choose Products, and then choose the product for which you want to make a private offer.

  2. From the Private offer tab, choose Create.

  3. On the Select Offer Type page, select Private offer or Renewed private offer, and choose Next.


    Choose Renewed private offer if this is a renewal of an expired private offer or a pre-existing subscription that is being upgraded on AWS Data Exchange. If you choose this option, AWS may audit and verify your offer is a renewal or upgrade. If AWS is unable to do so, then we may revoke the offer and entitlements to your subscribers.

  4. Under Account ID, enter the 12-digit account number of the account you are creating a private offer for. Because a single private offer can be extended to multiple accounts, you can add more than one account.

  5. Under Description, provide a short description of the account (for example, the company name of the account).

  6. Provide the offer details, including the pricing information, U.S. sales tax and use settings, data subscription agreement, auto-renewal settings, and support information.


    The Set expiry date is the date by which the subscriber must accept the offer. The private offer is no longer available for subscribing if not accepted by this date.

    If you need to expire an offer already created prior to the expiry date, you can return to the offer page, and choose Expire. This will expire the offer for all potential subscribers.

  7. Choose Next. If you selected Renewed private offer, you must select the check box to indicate that you acknowledge the terms of the renewed private offer. After you validate the information is correct, choose Publish.