Provider-generated notifications - AWS Data Exchange User Guide

Provider-generated notifications

As a provider, you can send provider-generated notifications to inform your subscribers about important events related to your data sets. You can contact your subscribers in a structured manner and help them to process their entitled data related events in a consistent manner across providers.

Using provider-generated notifications, you do the following to help your subscribers:

  • Send notifications for data updates, delays, schema changes, and deprecations using the AWS Data Exchange Console or the AWS SDK.

  • Include comments and expected actions for subscribers to follow.

To send provider-generated notifications to subscribers, follow these steps:
  1. Open and sign in to the AWS Data Exchange console.

  2. From the left navigation pane, choose Send notification.

  3. Select your Notification type from the dropdown menu. Notification types include:

    • Data update – the data source has been updated.

    • Data delay – the data source hasn’t updated as expected.

    • Schema change – the data source will include a structural change.

    • Deprecation – the data source will no longer be updated.

  4. Select the impacted data set from the dropdown menu and view your Notification details for the date, time, and list of subscriber actions. You can also provide location metadata for specifying what is affected by this event.

  5. Choose Preview notification and publish your notification.