Accepting a Private Offer - AWS Data Exchange User Guide

Accepting a Private Offer

Data providers can provide their data product to you at terms that are different from the offer terms available to the general public. A private offer can be different from the public offer in any dimension, including price, duration, data subscription agreement, or refund policy.


Unlike BYOS offers, private offers are not required to be based on an existing subscription that predates the product's availability on AWS Data Exchange.

The provider must first create a public offer and then a custom offer for your AWS account. If a private offer hasn't been extended to you, you can request one by contacting a provider using the contact information on the details page of the public offer.

As a subscriber, you can accept a private offer as follows.

To accept a private offer

  1. Sign in to the AWS Data Exchange console.

  2. In the left navigation pane, from Discover data, choose Browse catalog.

  3. Search for the name of the product or paste in the product URL (for example, AWS Data Exchange Heartbeat).

  4. Choose name of the product to review the private offer.

  5. Choose Continue to subscribe.

  6. Review the terms of the offer, the data subscription agreement, and the included data sets.

  7. If you accept the terms of the offer, review and accept the acknowledgement, and then choose Subscribe.