Subscription verification for subscribers - AWS Data Exchange User Guide

Subscription verification for subscribers

For various reasons, including compliance or regulatory reasons, some data providers might choose to restrict access to their products using subscription verification. When you subscribe to these data products, you are required to submit additional information about who you are and your intended use case. The provider reviews this information before approving subscriptions. Subscription verification is required for any publicly available products that contain personally identifiable data.

Completing a subscription request

For products that require subscription verification, when you choose Continue to subscribe on a product page, a Complete subscription request page appears. You must complete the request before you can subscribe to this product.

To complete a subscription request
  1. On the Complete subscription request page, review and choose the product offer (if more than one offer is available).

  2. Review the Subscription terms, included Data sets, Support information, and Refund policy.

  3. Choose if you want to renew the offer automatically when it expires.

  4. Complete the Subscription request form with the following information:

    • Your AWS account ID (added automatically)

    • Your Company name

    • Your Name

    • Your Email address

    • Your Intended use case for the data product, along with any other comments that the provider might find useful when reviewing the subscription request

  5. Choose Send subscription request to provider.

After you submit your request, the provider has up to 45 days to approve or decline your request.

Reviewing your pending subscription requests

To review your pending subscription requests
  1. Open and sign in to the AWS Data Exchange console.

  2. Choose Subscriptions.

  3. Choose Subscription requests.

  4. Review the status of your pending subscription requests.

    Each subscription request is uniquely identified by its ID. The ID is visible to both the provider and the subscriber. You can use the subscription request ID to identify the request in your communications with the provider.

After a provider approves your request, the subscription appears on the Subscriptions page.


You can cancel a pending subscription request at any time as long as it hasn't expired or already been processed.

Email notifications

You receive an email notification to your AWS account email address when your request is approved, declined, or when it expires. Although most subscription request status changes result in an email notification, the delivery of these emails is on a best-effort basis.


You will not receive email notifications for subscription request status changes that you have initiated yourself (for example, cancelling a subscription).