Step 1: Create a project - AWS Glue DataBrew

Step 1: Create a project

In this step, you use the DataBrew console to quickly get started with a sample project.

To create a project

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the DataBrew console at

  2. Make sure that your AWS Region is selected at upper-right on the DataBrew console. For a list of AWS Regions supported by DataBrew, see DataBrew endpoints and quotas in the AWS General Reference.

  3. On the navigation pane, choose Projects, and then choose Create project.

  4. On the Project details pane, do the following:

    • For Project name, enter chess-project.

    • For Attached recipe, create a new recipe. A suggested name for the recipe is provided (chess-project-recipe).

  5. On the Select a dataset pane, choose Sample files.

  6. On the Sample files pane, choose Famous chess game moves. This dataset contains detailed information on more than 20,000 games of chess.

    For Dataset name a suggested name for the dataset is provided (chess-games).

  7. On the Access permissions pane, choose AwsGlueDataBrewDataAccessRole. This is a service-linked role that lets DataBrew access your Amazon S3 buckets on your behalf.

  8. Choose Create project, and wait until DataBrew finishes preparing the project. The window looks similar to the following.

    The data that you see represents a sample from the chess-games dataset. By default, the sample consists of the first 500 rows from the dataset. You can change this project setting later.

    The toolbar provides access to hundreds of data transforms that you can apply to the data.

    The recipe pane at right in the DataBrew console tracks the transformations you applied so far.