Step 7: (Optional) Clean up - AWS Glue DataBrew

Step 7: (Optional) Clean up

The walkthrough is complete. You can keep using the DataBrew and Amazon S3 resources that you created, or delete them.

To clean up resources
  1. Open the DataBrew console at, and on the navigation pane, choose Projects.

  2. Choose your project (Sample project). For Actions, choose Delete.

  3. On the Delete Sample project pane, choose Delete attached recipe. Then choose Delete. Your project, along with its recipe and jobs, will be deleted.

  4. On the navigation pane, choose Datasets.

  5. Choose your dataset (chess-games), and for Actions, choose Delete.

  6. Open the Amazon S3 console at Delete the databrew-output folder and its contents.

    (Optional) If you're sure that you no longer need your Amazon S3 bucket, you can delete it.